This Week on the Information Super Highway: Michael Shannon, and Barbie, Read Insane Sorority Letter

Michael Shannon does a rousing rendition of the now famous Delta Gamma sorority letter.


As some of you may know, having a job where you are stationed in front of a computer all day awards you with plenty of time to surf the internet. Every week, great content becomes popular for a couple of days, only to be quickly replaced by the next best thing – and people who only occasionally browse the web never see it.


But fear not, your good buddy Mike is looking out for you. Every week I’ll take a handful of that great/awful web junk and post it here for your amusement.










This past week the most popular subject online has been a letter written by a Delta Gamma sorority head chewing out new sorority sisters. It’s been referenced multiple times on ‘The Daily Show’ and on comedy websites everywhere. Here is a video of Michael Shannon dramatically reading the Delta Gamma letter:



Barbie has also read the letter.



The woman has since resigned from Delta Gamma.





Louis C.K. came out with another great comedy special last week. In the spirit of “imitation being the best form of flattery,” I give you this pretty solid parody performance.







How unique are your physical traits? Six of these applied to me. And no, I do not have webbed feet.






This one is for all of you ‘Game of Thrones’ fans out there… Which should be all of you.






And finally, after years of waiting, the first clip from the new season of  ‘Arrested Development’ came out online this week. The whole series is currently available on Netflix, and the new season will be released exclusively to Netflix all at once on Memorial Day weekend. Check it out on Entertainment Weekly:

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