This Week on the Information Super Highway: “True Facts” About the Mantis Shrimp & the Christian Girl’s Loophole



As some of you may know, having a job where you are stationed in front of a computer all day awards you with plenty of time to surf the internet. Every week, great content becomes popular for a couple of days, only to be quickly replaced by the next best thing – and people who only occasionally browse the web never see it.


But fear not, your good buddy Mike is looking out for you. Every week I’ll take a handful of that great/awful web junk and post it here for your amusement.












Any good Simpsons fan would remember the episode where Homer discovers he has a long lost half-brother Herb who is rich and owns a car manufacturing company. Herb puts Homer in charge of designing a new car, which is so ugly it bankrupts the company. Well, somebody actually built the car, and here it is.





I love the comedy songwriting duo Garfunkel & Oates. They just came out with a new video for their song “The Loophole,” which is about a little trick some Christian girls use to get around that whole waiting before marriage thing. Be sure to check out some of their other  videos, they’re great.






So far College Humor have made three episode of the Honey BooBoo parody “Precious Plum.” I hope they make many more because they are hysterical.






Here are some more “True Facts,” this time about the mantis shrimp.


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