Two-Dimensional Art Sought for Bridgewater Fair



Are you an artist who wants to exhibit your work but can’t seem to find the right place? Look no further!


The 2013 Bridgewater Fair art show is the place for you. You will have an opportunity to exhibit your work in a friendly, welcoming environment that will showcase your work for all to see.


The Bridgewater Fair is a little more than two weeks away, and we are looking for submissions of original art: oil, acrylic, pastels, pen and ink, watercolors, etchings, lithographs, monotypes, monoprints, and woodcuts. Drawings and original signed prints will be accepted, but not giclee. Finger paintings and crayon art may be submitted as well––just about any two-dimensional medium but giclee is welcome at the Bridgewater Fair art show. Submissions must be presented at the Bridgewater Firehouse on Route 133 in Bridgewater, Connecticut between 4 and 7 pm on Thursday, August 15.


Exhibitors will be required to fill out an information card for each piece submitted. Cards will have the exhibitor’s name and contact information, the medium of the piece, the name of the piece, and the price. All submissions must be properly matted and/or framed to be shown, and they must be “Rated G” for all audiences as the Fair is a family event, so no nudes. Children’s art needs only to be matted. The art committee reserves the right of final selection.


For more information on the art exhibit and the Bridgewater Fair, visit

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