Water-Powered Car Brings More Green to the Green

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CityCenter Danbury, Integrity Printing and Graphics, and The Green Marketing Company will propagate their pro-environmental stance by painting the downtown district green with GreenFest this coming weekend.


GreenFest will take place on Friday, July 20 and Saturday July 21 from 12pm to 10:30pm and will conclude on Sunday, July 22, from 10:00am to 7pm. The festival will take place on the CItyCenter Green on Ives Street and will include performances by over 50 bands, more than 35 exhibitors, food, and a cameo from a car that runs on water.


By collaborating with Lebanese-Armenian peace activist Peter Jam and Brookfield resident Steve Schappert’s The BIOS World Peace Tour, Green Fest will not only be advocating for the environment – they’ll be advocating for saving gas money. Schappert’s tour will be displaying a BIOS ’72 convertible Mustang that operates on water instead of fuel. The tour will continue on by floating through 6 of the 7 American continents in a two year period.


“In kindergarten, my best friend’s dad founded fuel cell technology here in Danbury,” stated Schappert in an interview on the Danbury Community Access TV show “Practical Talk Time”.  The event has inspired him in his own water-as-fuel endeavors.


Many consider the water-fueled car to be a conspiracy theory, but Schappert says he will be proving them wrong during his country wide peace excursion.


He says the process begins by utilizing energy created from the hydrogen and oxygen in water.  By creating the gas oxyhydrogen (HHO), a usable fuel is created for the engine to burn and release as energy from the vehicle.


“We are creating hydrogen and oxygen on demand by an old process called electrolysis,” explained Schappert in an interview with Hans Hartman on “Green Scene”:



“I think that any opportunity you have to make the broader community aware of what choices we can make to benefit our environment is important,” said Andrea Garner, CityCenter Executive Director.


GreenFest participating bands and artists are:


Belle, The Mighty Plough Boys, Mystic Bowie, Nami & The Crew, Dave King, Phoenix Band, Canyon, Baby Snakes, Grimm Generation, True Apothecary, Dave Hogan, Gatsby’s Greenlight, Waking Elliot, AsmarA, Maybe Welders, Graylight Campfire, Sunrise Skyline, Lisa Bianco, One More Weekend,  Love Assassin, Esteban Rivera, Fifth Nation,   Shane Loverro, Bobby Paltauf Experience, Zerena Lupo,  The Knox Sisters, Marc Huberman, Flaming Meatballs, Mia LJ , The Trolls, Jamie Shields, Martha Price, Civil Pilots, Ports Of Spain, Live, Love, Die, One For All, C-Donte, Stand by, Quadrasourus, Whats Left, Martini Garden, Rockon America, John Budrow/Pablo Andreu, Adam Bonhanan, Better Late Than Never, Olsen Court, Six Stories Told, Unprepared, Aotearoa, Innocent Sins, Libricide, DJ Split Lip, DJ PDP.

For more information on GreenFest, visit greenfest.ws or contact CityCenter at (203) 792 1711.

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