Northeast Beer Hunter: What I’m Drinking at Thanksgiving

Alyson Thomas of Drywell Art designed this separation of The Bruery‘s Autumn Maple ingredients in watercolor and ink illustration over digital background.


Thanksgiving is a wonderful time when friends and family come together from near and far to spread cheer and enjoy each other’s company.  What better way to do so than to share a couple of craft beers from near and far?  I have planned out a couple of tasty beers to pair with my Thanksgiving feast, which I will share with my family since they were gracious enough to do all the cooking.


Appetizers/Finger Foods:


New England Brewing Co’s Sea Hag IPA: 


Talk about a great beer to pair with some finger foods, and especially cheeses.  This beer is great to kick of the eating and drinking festivities, as it has just the right amount of hop kick without it overwhelming your pallet moving forward.  It’s body has just the right mouth-feel and amount of carbonation without being too heavy, so you can keep progressing through the meal.  Sea Hag pairs great with monterey and pepper jack, blue cheese, cheddar, and gorgonzola.  A great beer to start your meal off with, and made locally  here in Woodbridge, Connecticut.  If you’re in the Danbury area, you can find it at Warehouse Liquors off of I-84’s Exit 2.


Turkey Time:


The Bruery’s Autumn Maple:


Looking for something to blend wth the many flavors of this fall feast?  Look no further than The Bruery’s Autumn Maple.  This craft beer from California is brewed with 17 pounds of yams per barrel… 17 POUNDS!  That’s a lot of yams.  The fall flavors don’t end there though – this beer is also brewed with cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, allspice, molasses, and maple syrup.  Autumn Maple is also fermented with a traditional Belgian yeast strain to add a little bit more spiciness. This is a great beer with a lot of fall flavors going on.  This one is not available in Connecticut, but if you hop the border to New York, DeCicco’s in either Brewster or Ardsley should have some 750ml bottles left.




Lindemans Framboise:


This is a tradition in my house.  I introduced the Framboise to my loving mother many years ago while trying to introduce her to some craft beers she may enjoy.  This one, and their Kreik, really resonated with her.  For the novice or veteren beer geek, they may say this is a little too sweet, but it is a great one to share with the masses, and to shut up the wine critic at the table.  While it does tend to be on the sweet side, it blends well with the other sweets you’re eating, and the raspberry flavor shines through in a strong way.  This one tends to be a real crowd pleaser, and will pair very well with pies and cookies.  This beer, while made in Belgium, is available in most stores that sell craft beer, such as Fairgrounds by the Danbury Mall.


Overtime Beers: Other Beers You May Enjoy on the Holiday Weekend:


Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout:


Pours jet black out of the bottle.  Very roasty and will certainly warm you up for those late night/early morning shopping sessions.  This one is quite chocolaty, as the name implies, and it clocks in at 10.6% ABV.  A 4 pack should run you around $10, and it’s certainly worth it.  This should be available at most stores that sell craft beer.


Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine:


This is another great beer to have for those shopping sessions, or to drink during a football game (possibly outside).  Huge malts and huge hops make way for a carmely, hoppy flavor that disguises the alcohol in this one well.  Did I mention this one has a 9.6% ABV?  Yeah, tastes great, but not for the weak of heart (or flavor).


New England Brewing Co’s Imperial Stout Trooper:


Another entry for this local favorite brewer, but this world-class beer is only brewed once a year, and if you’re lucky enough to find it (not very likely) or still have a few bottles to open from last years stash, now is the time to open one.  This one delivers strong on chocolate, coffee, and roasted malt with slight hints of vanilla, dates, and raisins.  A real treat with an ABV of 9.2%.



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