Where Do They Stand for 2014?

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What are the governor’s chances? What about Tom Foley? John McKinney? Larry Cafero? Mark Boughton? Linda McMahon? Mike Fedele? Now that it’s all over but the national scandals for 2012, people are handicapping the 2014 Connecticut gubernatorial race. Never wanting to be left out, here are some thoughts about the race which is to year away.


Gov. Dannel Malloy. Of course, as the incumbent, the Democratic governor is in the driver’s seat. He has had some dismal approval ratings in the past two years after pushing through the largest tax increase in history—a move that was both courageous and necessary to close a $3.3 billion budget deficit. Malloy fully expected the negative reaction and has successfully advanced his agenda anyway.


Any suggestion that Malloy would be vulnerable in a Democratic primary is so absurd it doesn’t deserve a response. But because such a suggestion was picked up by other websites, I guess it needs one. No Democrat would run against him and if one did they’d be crushed. The suggestion was floated as just another attack by an obsessed blogger who has marginalized himself to the point of being irrelevant.



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