Witness The First Greater Danbury Open House Day on June 9

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ON SATURDAY, JUNE 9, the Arts Network of Danbury (AND), a think tank of Danbury artists, arts and culture businesses and institutions, welcomes all to be a part of the very first Greater Danbury Open House Day. Eleven venues representing the Greater Danbury area will be celebrating all it has to offer in the way of its rich history, fine art and interesting culture. Come and bring the kids along to this memorable event with live performances, free art demos, dance classes and even a baseball game.


The main goal for this event is to encourage awareness and pride of the Greater Danbury area’s growing cultural community.


“I think Greater Danbury Open House Day is a great way to introduce the community to the arts and history that organizations here possess,” said Brigid Guertin, Executive Director at the Danbury Museum and Historical Society.



“I think Greater Danbury Open House Day is a great way to introduce the community to the arts and history that organizations here possess,” said Brigid Guertin.



The museum, located at 43 Main Street in Danbury, will be showing the exhibit “Covering All the Bases: A History of Danbury Baseball” from 10am to 4pm on June 9. At 1pm, a vintage baseball game between the Newtown Sandy Hooks and the Westfield Wheelmen of Massachusetts will take place at Roger’s Park, and The Westerners will take the field at 6:30pm to play their first game of the year against the North Adams SteepleCats. Both teams are members of the New England Collegiate Baseball League.


“We want to educate about the origins of baseball and why the game survived for as long as it has,” said Paul Schaffer, President of the Danbury Westerners. “We do it because we love the game. We love the people, and enjoy the competition. We think it offers something of a real casual benefit to the community.”


Schaffer explained some differences between a vintage 1860s-era game and a modern baseball game, one being that in a vintage game, the batter can tell the pitcher how to throw the ball, and the batter gets seven balls instead of four


Along with the return of the Danbury Westerners, the first Greater Danbury Open House Day may be another reputable hit out of the ball park for this community. Once dubbed the ‘Hat City’ in recognition of the city’s booming millinery industry, Danbury has grown to embody much more than the signature emblem of the derby hat.


Along with the assortment of culture and exciting showcases taking place on Greater Danbury Open House Day, AND member Linda L. Miller has developed a kids passport with an activity to complete at each venue. The passport was partly inspired by Gardener’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, a theory coined by developmental psychologist Howard Garner in 1983.


“I am also a teacher at Kent Center School and I felt it would be a great way to engage students,” said Miller in a phone interview.



“It’s so neat to see that happen,” said AND member Linda Miller of the graffiti artists. “It’s amazing what those guys can do with a spray can.”



According to Gardener’s Theory of Multiple of Intelligences, children learn from various frames of mind. Gardener believes that understanding requires comprehension in one setting, which can also be used in a different setting. Miller’s passports provide various cognitive tasks relevant to the eleven venues and their activities.



"Saturn" by Nancy Moore, on display for Greater Danbury Open House Day at Art and Frame of Danbury.

Twenty passports will be distributed to every Open House venue, and one stamp will be received for each activity participated in. Passports are also available for download here. Three stamps will earn a 10% discount on food orders at Molten Java, located at 213 Greenwood Avenue, on Saturday June 9 and Sunday, June 10.


Molten Java, another Open House Day venue, will be featuring their Upstairs art gallery and a live performance by Danbury-native musician Seth Lefferts on June 9.


Jim Felice Studios, located at 15 Grassy Plain Road in Danbury will be showing the work of various graffiti artists and provide sculpture and painting demonstrations from 10am to 4pm.


“It’s so neat to see that happen,” said Miller of the graffiti artists. “It’s amazing what those guys can do with a spray can.” Miller also said she is looking forward to visiting all of the Greater Danbury Open House Day venues on the big day.


YMCA ESCAPE to the Arts on Main Street will be welcoming all help to design a community art square that will be on display for the month of June. ESCAPE’s newly opened gallery will also have an exhibit of artwork by the staff on display.


“At ESCAPE to the Arts, we are working toward broadening our audience through more community events and a new art gallery,” said Tara Tomaselli, Art Director of the program.


AND is aligned with ESCAPE’s vision of broadening the area’s audience and invites one and all to experience some of the great things the Greater Danbury area has to offer on June 9.


The Greater Danbury Open House Day venues:


David Boyajian Studio, New Fairfield, CT
A Common Ground Arts Center, Danbury, CT
Jim Felice Studios, Danbury, CT
The Gallery at Art & Frame of Danbury, Danbury, CT
The Gallery at Still River Editions, Danbury, CT
Danbury Museum & Historical Society, Danbury, CT
Danbury Railway Museum, Danbury, CT
The Mercurial Gallery, Danbury, CT
Molten Java, Bethel, CT
Rogers Park, Danbury, CT
YMCA ESCAPE to the Arts, Danbury, CT


For more info on the venues and their activities, visit greaterdanburyopenhouseday.wordpress.com or email info@artsnetworkofdanbury.com.  For more information on AND visit artsnetworkordanbury.org.

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