Write living

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Seems distant to believe

We grow anymore

Just endure velvet

Stars in a moonless night

Write living

Focus my energy for attitude

To change to grow

Vicious moments lost in time

And I awake everyday

On a mattress with no sheet

In the soft hum of rain

And cars beating into pavement

To crack the window

Is to endure

Write living

Cardboard notes left to rust

Cold and rough

A paper cut

A nail that is red, irritated

By the exposure of daylight

In this existence

Write living

Focus your energy for altitude

Above forgotten wind

Creeping past us in a vacant lot

I will cut my chin

Against the frozen wind

And endure

It is what was trained

To keep writing alive.





Atom Rush has been reading and performing poetry for over twenty years.  He is the author of two books of poetry: Obscene: Letters to Moe (1994) and Trench Madness (1999), both published underground for private distribution by Sunflower Press. Rush has been performing his words with music in live venues for the last fifteen years.  He has performed in numerous places on the east coast including The Knitting Factory, Izzy Bar, Makor, Joe’s Pub and Hat City Ale House. Rush is currently working on a spoken word album with numerous musicians from the New York area titled Keg on my Head.  The studio release is expected this year along with an electronic collection of poetry currently titled “Stay Mobile”.


Visit Rush online at soundcloud.com/atom-rush and reverbnation.com/atomrush.

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